Czick on the road fashion
Czick on the road fashion
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Unique fashion design created on the road and inspired by life on the road.

Czick on the road is a travel and fashion brand providing clothes and accessories to travelers, who are looking for more than what worldwide populist fashion brands offer.

Once upon a journey

The idea of Czick on the road travel fashion was born during a journey through South America. One day, just a description of the travel adventures on our blog was not enough and all the experiences had to be ventilated by a different form of art. Design inspired by our travels, street art, own photography and so diverse landscape of South American countries present our and also every travelers wishes, dreams and adventures we have been through. 

Designed by travelers for travelers

Nowadays, when social medias play such important role in our everyday life, we are not completely careless about what we wear. Not only we want to be comfortable during our travels, we also want to look good. Czick on the road fashion offers you unique designs, that represent the wishes of your wandering soul. Whether you are heading to weekend city escape, or you plan a camping trip in the mountains, our t-shirts and accessories will show everybody the true nature of your heart.

Who is hiding behind the brand

The founders of Czick on the road is a travel couple Tereza (CZE) and Primo┼ż (SLO), who in 2018 decided to quit their comfortable jobs and go roaming the world. Both being digital nomads experienced in e-commerce and web development, it didn't take much for the idea of Czick on the road fashion becoming a reality.

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